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Release notes

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New features and enhancements

The following table lists the new features for Druva mobile app for Android and iOS.

Feature Description Release date
Patch update for Android The patch for the Android mobile app is now available with minor security fixes. January 25, 2023
Patch update for Android The android mobile app had a minor task-hijacking vulnerability that was identified and fixed with a patch update.  December 07, 2022
The user interface has been refreshed and supports the latest Android & iOS versions. The Druva mobile interface is updated with the standards of desktop applications to provide a simplified and consistent end-user experience. The app supports the latest versions for Android and iOS. March 10, 2022

Revision information

Product Revision
Druva mobile app
  • Android: v5.0.2-r2272
  • iOS: v5.0.1-r2270
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