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Release notes

New features and enhancements

The following table lists the new feature for inSync mobile app for Android and iOS.

Feature Description Release date

inSync mobile app for Android.

This release includes security enhancements and minor bug fixes.

May 01, 2021

inSync mobile app for iOS.

This release includes security enhancements and minor bug fixes.

Apr 23, 2021
Support for iOS 14

Druva inSync mobile app now supports iOS 14. 
For more information, see inSync mobile app support matrix.

Nov 11, 2020
Support for Android 11

Druva inSync Mobile App now supports Android version 11. 
For more information, see inSync mobile app support matrix.

Nov 09, 2020

This release features the following security enhancements:

  • inSync mobile app cannot be activated on rooted Android and jailbroken iOS devices.

  • Android users are not allowed to capture screenshot from the inSync mobile app interface.

April 2020
Support for iOS v13

Druva inSync Mobile App now supports iOS version 13. 
For more information, see inSync mobile app support matrix.

December 2019
End of support for Android v4.4 and lower Druva has also discontinued support for Mobile devices with Android version 4.4 and lower. For more information, see inSync mobile app support matrix. April 2018
Support for iOS v11 and end of support for iOS v8 and lower

Druva has made the following updates with this release:

  • Added support for iOS version 11.
  • Discontinued support for iOS version 8 and lower. 

For more information, see inSync mobile app support matrix.

February 2018
End of Support for Android v4.3 and lower on GovCloud Druva has also discontinued support for Mobile devices with Android version 4.3 and lower. For more information, see inSync mobile app support matrix. June 2017
Collection of mobile forensics data for Android devices

inSync administrators can now enable mobile forensics for Android devices. Mobile Forensics lets the administrators to automatically and transparently collect data from the Android devices of users in the organization.

With this capability in inSync, the enterprise IT, information security, and legal teams can facilitate eDiscovery requests and check for compliance breaches.

If the inSync administrator has set mandatory backup of mobile forensics data, then the following items will be captured by default from your Android device:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Device information
  • Browser history
  • Third-party app logs
October 2015
Co-brand inSync mobile app for MSPs inSync Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now co-brand inSync mobile app interface with their company logo.For more information, see Co-branding inSync for Managed Service Providers. September 2015
Support for iOS 8 Document Picker 

inSync mobile app for iOS devices now provides support to upload files directly from iOS 8 Document Picker from iCloud and other data providers.

inSync users can now directly upload the file that is available in a third-party app through Document Picker from iOS 8 onwards, instead of opening the file in a third-party app and then uploading it to inSync mobile app. For more information, see Add content to your inSync Share folder.    

September 2015
SD (Secure Digital) card backups    IT can now mandate SD card backups on Android-based smartphones and tablets to protect against any loss or breach of endpoints.     June 2015
Restricted access to inSync for MobileIron app inSync administrators can now mandate users to log on by using the inSync for MobileIron app only from iOS devices.     June 2015
Single firewall port support

inSync mobile app now supports single port (SSL/443) that is available in inSync 5.4.2.

To ensure even greater security and firewall management, inSync 5.4.2 now directs all communication traffic through a single port (SSL/443) for Backup, Restore, Sync, and Share, reducing the number of required firewall ports for deployment. You can also continue to use port 80/6061, if you prefer to use your earlier port configuration.    

March 2015
GovCloud support 

inSync mobile app now provides extended cloud coverage. You can now connect the inSync mobile app with inSync GovCloud.inSync 5.4.2 has been deployed and validated within the GovCloud region for our customers with these requirements.

AWS GovCloud (U.S.) is an isolated AWS Region designed to allow U.S. government agencies and customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements. To learn more about AWS GovCloud, see

For more information about configuring mobile app with inSync Govcloud, see the following topics:

March 2015
Global Language Support  inSync mobile app for iOS and Android is now qualified and released in Japanese.     March 2015

Fixed issues

The following table lists the issues fixed in inSync mobile app.

OS version of inSync mobile app Issue Description
Android 45995

For On-Premise customers, if the inSync Master used a valid SSL certificate, log in to the inSync Android app failed for users using AD/SAML authentication. 


inSync mobile app stopped responding when you add folders other than Contacts and Pictures for backup. The following error message was displayed:

Unhandled exception, java.lang.NullPointerException

iOS 30796 The backup status was displayed as 100% even before the backup operation was completed. 
iOS and Android 29684

Users can now report a problem without logging in to the inSync mobile app.

For more information, see the following:

Known issues 

OS version of inSync mobile app Issue 

Druva inSync mobile app installed on iOS device may prompt to set the PIN even when the user has already set the PIN.

This prompt occurs in the event of iOS Keychain errors and as a result, the inSync mobile app restarts.


When you install inSync app on iOS v10.1.1 and log on for the first time, inSync app keeps generating pop-ups and makes your device unresponsive.


If your device is not responding, do the following:

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  3. Under Allow Location Services, select Always.
    This allows inSync app on your device to always get your location information.
  4. Launch inSync app.

When you upgrade to iOS v10.1.1, and log in to the inSync ME app, a Profile Installation page might be displayed that asks you to install the profile.


If the Profile Installation page is displayed, do the following:

  1. Log out from the inSync ME app. 
  2. Close the inSync ME app. (Double tap the home button and then swipe the inSync ME app upward to close the app.)
  3. Launch inSync app and log in again.
If the inSync iOS app has been installed using an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution such as VMware Airwatch, then password protected Microsoft Office files fail to open in the app.
Android Cannot log on to inSync mobile app with an email ID that contains more than 45 characters. For example, Microsoft or OneDrive email IDs.

On a Windows 8 device, you cannot connect to the inSync mobile app in an inSync On-premise environment with Edge Server.

This issue occurs irrespective of whether you use port 443 or port 6061.

Revision information

The revision numbers of the installers for inSync mobile app are listed in the following table. The revision number is a part of the installer name. Use the revision number to ensure that you have the correct installer.

Product Revision
inSync mobile app
  • Android: r2013
  • iOS: r2227
  • Windows: r265
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