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Restore data to your device

Supported inSync mobile app versions:3.5 or later

You can restore versions of files or folders that you backed up as well as the folders that the administrator mandated for backup. After every backup, inSync saves a snapshot of the backup data to a storage. This snapshot is an exact copy of the original backup data at that point in time. The number of snapshots retained in a storage depends on the number of backups completed and the retention policy of your organization.

When restoring data, consider the following:

  • Restore requests are not processed when another restore is in progress.
  • Restore requests are not allowed if a backup operation is in progress.
  • If the inSync Mobile App is not connected to the inSync Master, the restore requests remain in queue. Restores start whenever the connection with the inSync Master established.
  • If the connection between the inSync Mobile App and the inSync Master is interrupted, the restore operation stops. On Android devices, the restore operation restarts if the connection is reestablished. 

    However, restore is neither resumed or reestablished on iOS devices. For iOS devices, inSync uses location services to restart the backup on a significant location change. For more information, see Enable the device protection services.

Note: On Android 4.4.x devices, if you do not have write permissions to the external SD card, then the external SD card option will not be displayed when restoring data.

Restore data to your device

You can restore the data to the folder from which it was backed up or to any other folder on your device.

To restore data to your device

  1. On the inSync Mobile App sidebar, in the BACKUP DATA area, perform any of the following steps:
    • To view data from desktop or laptop on your mobile, tap the required device.
    • To restore data for your mobile, tap the device.
  2. At the upper right area of the right pane, tap Snapshot.png.
  3. Tap the files or folders that you want to view or restore.
  4. Tap menu_more_options.png, and then tap Open to view the desktop or laptop data. Alternatively, tap Restore to restore mobile data.
  5. If you are restoring mobile data, tap the folder where you want to restore the mobile data.
  6. Tap Select.

Restore data to a new folder

You can restore the data to a new folder on your device.

To restore data to a new folder

  1. TapAdd-Folder.png. The Enter Folder Name window appears.
  2. Type a name for the new folder that you want to create.
  3. Tap Ok.