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Install and configure inSync mobile app through MaaS360


This section provides information about how you can install and configure the inSync Mobile App through MaaS360. 

NoteinSync Mobile App installed through MaaS360 and enrolled using Android Enterprise does not support backup and restore functionalities.

Before you begin

Ensure to complete the prerequisites before you install the inSync Mobile App through the MaaS360 MDM application. For more information, see Prerequisites.

Installation and configuration

The following table lists the tasks that you require to configure inSync Mobile App on Android devices through MaaS360.

Step no. Task
Step 1

Link the inSync Mobile App for Android devices with MaaS360 Server. 

For more information, see Link the inSync Mobile App to MaaS360 Server.

Step 2

Create MaaS360 user and add Android device for the user. Once the user is created, the user receives the MaaS360 user activation email, which contains information for enrolling the Android device.

For more information, see Create MaaS360 user and add Android device.

Step 3

Enroll Android device to communicate with the MaaS360 Server and install the inSync app.

For more information, see Enroll device for the user.

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