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Install inSync mobile app on Android device


You can install the inSync Mobile App in either of the following methods:

  • From the Android device
  • From the AirWatch Portal

From the Android device

To install the inSync Mobile App on the Android device,

  1. Access the Android device.
  2. From the downloaded apps, select Catalog

    Once the device is enrolled, the Catalog is downloaded automatically on the Android device. The Catalog displays all the applications that are shared from the AirWatch MDM application. 


  3. Select inSync Mobile App. The app gets downloaded and installed to your Android device.

From the AirWatch Portal

To install the inSync Mobile App from the AirWatch Portal,

  1. Log on to the AirWatch Portal by entering in the web browser.
  2. Select the inSync Mobile App that you want to install. The Details view for the app appears.
  3. Click Devices tab.
  4. Click List View on the left pane. A list of Android devices appear.
  5. Select the device where you want to install the inSync Android app.
  6. Click Apps tab.
  7. Click Install beside the inSync Android app.

The inSync Mobile App gets installed on the Android device. Once the app is installed, launch the inSync Mobile App from your Android device. You are not required to enter the login credentials again. The inSync Mobile App will authenticate with the AirWatch Server, acquire your login information, and then launch the inSync Mobile App on your Android device.