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Upcoming enhancements with cloud update on 27 November, 2021

Introducing new capability

With the November 27, 2021, cloud update, we are introducing a new capability wherein you can create custom admin roles with Legal and Non-Legal rights as part of one single role! 

  • Now Legal Admins can do much more than Legal Hold Management!
    • You will have a provision to assign Non-Legal Hold rights (for example, Workload management rights) even to a Legal Admin role.

    • This will help Legal Hold administrators perform other activities like viewing users, devices page and stats, access download logs, check profile settings, view additional reports and changing profile settings, etc. as well.

  • Additionally, Non-Legal admins can now access Legal Hold management
    • You will have a provision to assign the Legal Hold Management rights even to a Non-legal administrator role such as Compliance Admin, Data Protection Officer, Help Desk Admin, Profile Admin, View Only Admin, Workload Admin, or any custom role.

    • This will help Non-legal administrators perform Legal Hold management activities as well.

Note: Based on the rights you are adding to a role you need to manually provide access to workloads, profiles, or legal hold types to all administrators associated with this role. 

  • Introducing three new Legal Hold Management rights for enhanced granular access
  • View legal hold clients
  • Manage legal hold clients
  • Delete legal hold clients