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Release Notes - Endpoints

 If you are an inSync GovCloud customer, see inSync GovCloud Updates.

inSync Client v7.0.1 for Cloud

An update for inSync Client is released on September 22, 2021, with the following fixed issue.

Fixed Issues 

Issue Description
INS-25732 Fixed URL injection vulnerability by adding validation so that no arbitrary URL can be added to load a malicious page.

Revision Information

Product Revision

inSync Client

Windows: r110201

macOS: r110201

Download the latest inSync Client here.

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade the inSync Client.

To learn more, contact Support.

Cloud Update on September 18, 2021


General Availability of Events API

If you have not enabled the Events API already, you can now enable it on your own from the inSync Management Console! We have implemented this by configuring the Enable Events API option as a default setting for all Druva customers with Enterprise and Elite license editions. For more information about how to enable the Events API, see Events API Settings.

Let’s see how this enhancement benefits you!

  • You can now enable Events API without intervention from Support.

  • If you have not already enabled the events API, you can leverage the events API to get a consolidated view of all events that transpire in inSync such as logins, backups, restores, user and device related activities. You can also integrate the events API with security information and event management (SIEM) tools for monitoring inSync events.

Updates to Live Activities navigation

We have changed the navigation path of the Live Activities page to provide a workload-specific view of ongoing activities, wherein you are now redirected to the workload-specific Jobs->Live Activities page.


For more information, see Live Activities.

Fixed Issues

Issue Description
INS-32392 Fixed the issue wherein Total Collected Data showed negative value for custodians on the Legal Hold page.
INS-33303 Fixed an issue wherein if you navigate to the Administrator details page from the inSync Management Console->  ->Manage Administrators, an Unexpected Error message is displayed. This error is displayed only when the administrator (for example, Admin1) who created another administrator (for example Admin2), is deleted from the database.
INS-36006 Fixed the issue observed on Safari browser wherein the user list did not render on the Users page.

Cloud Update on September 4, 2021

Enhancement to Endpoints List all Devices API

We have enhanced the Endpoints  List all devices API by introducing an additional input parameter - deviceMarkedInactive that, when set to True, will list the devices that are marked as inactive. This new parameter will help you identify the devices that are marked as inactive from the list of all devices easily.

We have also modified the response to show deviceMarkedInactive attribute for each device.

Try it out today!

New URL for inSync Workloads and Services 

inSync Workloads and Services will now launch with the new URL – to host the web traffic.

The New URL will provide additional security advantages and better performance.

Customer Action Required: To get going all you need to do is add to the allowed domains list in addition to the existing domain.

Note: Both the old URL ( and the new URL ( will be operational.

Here is a quick glimpse


Cloud Update on August 21, 2021


Legal Hold (eDiscovery): Zip format support for eDiscovery data download

We have simplified the data download handling for Legal administrators through the ZIP download format support.

With this enhancement, you can download and export the eDiscovery data in ZIP format. All the data within the ZIP file is forensically safe as data integrity checks are performed on the data by default.
For more information, see

Federated Search: Optimized search query

We have now enhanced the Federated Search query to use AND as the default operator along with the exact keyword match when you perform a multi-keyword search.

This enhancement helps you fetch refined and high-quality results by restricting the display of unnecessary search results generated due to prefix matches and the use of OR operators.

Here’s an example of File Search and Email Search.

File Search

File Search.gif

Email Search

Email search.gif

For more information, see Guidelines to search files and emails.

inSync Client v5.9.2 patch update

inSync Client 5.9.2 for Ubuntu comes with a refreshed user interface and improvements for the system tray icon, making the end user's experience seamless and easy. The following enhancements are available for 5.9.2 Ubuntu Linux users with this release on August 10, 2021.

Introducing system tray menu

To provide a simplified restore and backup process experience we have introduced a new system tray menu. The system tray menu allows you to access features like backup and restore operations, pause a backup and so on with a single click.


Enhanced tray icon

To provide our customers with an improved product experience we have enhanced the inSync tray icon for the Backup operation. The following table lists the description for tray icons.

Icon Description
image15.png Backup completed successfully.
image2.png There was an authentication error or backup was interrupted.
image8.png Data backup is in progress.
image13.png Device not backed up.
image3.png Device backup paused.

Improved inSync Client user Interface experience

inSync Client user interface is now enhanced for ease of use with the following enhancements:

Enhanced user interface for data restore activity

  • Snapshot selection based on the date and time
    Enhanced Snapshot selection window that groups and displays all the available snapshots based on date and time.


  • Tree view for Files and folders listing
    Enhanced tree view to display folders, sub-folders, and files to quickly browse and select for restore.


  • Easily browse to the custom location
    You can now easily navigate and select the custom restore location using the Browse button.


Refreshed inSync Client Activation user interface

The inSync Client Activation user interface is refreshed to help the end-user quickly get through the activation process and configure the device easily. To know more see Activate the inSync Client on your device.


Activation pw screen.png

Refreshed Add and Replace device user interface

The Add or Replace device user interface is refreshed to enable the user to add or replace a device easily as shown in the illustration below. For more information see Add a new device to your inSync account, Replace a device linked with your inSync account.



Intuitive Backup summary

The inSync Client 5.9.2 Backup & Restore user interface is refreshed to display settings for both Backup and Restore on the same screen, offering a user-friendly experience to easily find the actions they need to perform to back up their data or restore content. Folder names displayed under Backup Content are made more intuitive, labels and messages across the interface are refreshed.

For more information, see Backup and Restore.


Refreshed Restore workflow user interface

The Restore window now displays the recent snapshot instead of the entire snapshot listing. If required, you can select the previous snapshots from the drop-down list. Also, the search capability is moved to the center of the Restore window to allow you to search through devices and snapshots quickly.

For more information, see Restore data using the inSync Client.


Enhanced Pop-up window on the Settings screen

In the inSync Client 5.9.2, the pop-up windows on the Settings screen have been updated and are designed to offer a seamless experience. The following illustration displays the Proxy Settings pop-up window.


To know more, see inSync Client 5.9.2 User Interface Enhancements.

Product Revision
inSync Client Linux (Ubuntu): r100663

Download the latest inSync Client here.

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade inSync Client.

To learn more, contact Support.

Known Issues

Issue Description

The desired path is not selected using the Browse option when you perform a restore activity to the Custom location.

Workaround: You can restore the data to the Original Location or Desktop.

Cloud Update on August 7, 2021

This release has minor bug fixes for Endpoints.

Fixed Issues

Issue Description
NS-31770 Fixed an issue wherein, when you create a custom role, and if you don't select a role from the Import Rights from drop-down list, you are not allowed to create the role.

Cloud Update on July 24, 2021

You can now create a dedicated workload administrator and allow administrators to manage backup and restores for specific workloads as authorized by the cloud administrator.  Also, the administrator will have access only to the assigned workloads through the refreshed workload-based user interface.  

Refreshed Documentation Portal
Aligning with the refreshed workloads-based user experience, now separated and dedicated documentation categories are available for SaaS Apps and Endpoints.  With this release, the older inSync documentation category is retired. 


Configure administrators for specific workloads 

To help meet your compliance regulations, you can now ensure that administrators have workload-based granular access rights only to the workloads they should manage.

►Create a dedicated Workload administrator

You can create a dedicated Workload administrator to manage operations for specific workloads. 

For example, a Workload administrator for the Endpoints will have operational rights only related to Endpoints. Similarly, a Workload administrator for Microsoft 365 > Exchange Online, will have access to only Exchange Online and to no other workload. As part of this change:

  • A Workload Administrator role is added with predefined access rights for workload management and backup and restore. For more information, see Predefined roles and rights.

    The following image provides a preview of the Workload Administrator role.

  • When you create a workload administrator you can assign the specific workloads. For more information, see Create a Workload Administrator.

    Here’s a quick preview of the administrator creation process.

Configure inSync administrators with access to specific workloads
Similar to a Workload administrator, you can configure existing inSync administrators (excluding Cloud administrator and Legal administrator) with rights to access specific workloads.

The Workloads tab is added to the New Administrator creation wizard.

For more information, see Create inSync administrators

Leverage updated categories for predefined roles and rights
To support granular access rights for workloads, the categories of rights for predefined roles are updated.

For more information, see Predefined roles and rights.

Note: None of the existing rights are deprecated. Thus, there will be no impact on the roles you have already configured.

The following image provides a preview of the updated categories.

►View list of workloads assigned to an administrator
Administrator Details and Profile Mapping report displays the list of workloads assigned to an administrator in the Workload Assigned field.

For more information, see Administrator Details and Profile Mapping report.


Workload-based product experience

The administrator experience is simplified for viewing and managing only the workloads they are assigned and based on the roles and rights. The workload-based product experience provides:

►Workload dashboard view
Instead of a common inSync dashboard, you will now be able to monitor your workloads from the dedicated dashboards designed for each workload.
  • The following image provides a preview of the Endpoints dashboard.

  • The following image provides a preview of the Microsoft 365 dashboard.

  • As part of this change, the Users summary will be displayed on the User page.

    For more information, see User Details page.

    The following image provides a preview:

Workload-based navigation

Instead of listing all the inSync workload under a common inSync category on the Druva Cloud Platform, there will be separate categories:

  • Endpoints
  • SaaS Apps


    The global navigation panel will also reflect the workload-based categorization.
►In-app view of jobs
Instead of the Availability menu, you can now monitor backup jobs, restore jobs, and live activities from the interface of the respective workload.
  • In the case of SaaS Apps, jobs can be accessed from the left pane.  

    The Jobs page displays the completed backup and restores job status for the following workloads:
    • Google Workspace - Gmail and Google Drive

    • Microsoft 365 - Exchange Online and OneDrive
  • In the case of Endpoints, jobs can be accessed from the top navigation bar.

For more information, see Jobs page.

Updates to the top navigation menu

►Here’s a glimpse of the updated top navigation menu 

The following changes will be available:
  • Workload selection capability in the Data Sources menu will be available in the   global navigation menu as demonstrated in the Workload-based user experience.
  • Services in the Governance menu will now be available in the   global navigation menu as demonstrated in the Workload-based user experience. Audit trails will still be available on the top navigation bar. 
  • The Availability menu will be removed from inSync Management Console with the in-app Job view enhancement. 
  • Options under the Manage menu are moved to  Settings 

Enhancements to restore endpoint data API

We have enhanced the Initiate a Restore Activity API by introducing an additional input parameter that, when selected, scans the data for potential threats before restoring the data to the intended location. 

You can now rest assured that the data restored using inSync APIs is safe and free from viruses, malware, and threats. 

Try it out today!

Note: This feature is applicable only when you have licensed Ransomware Recovery for your organization.

Legal Hold (eDiscovery): RBAC Legal Hold Type management

Legal administrators can now manage (add, edit, or delete) the Legal Hold Type from the Legal Hold > Settings page.

We have introduced the following rights for a Legal administrator role,  

  • View Legal Hold Settings - Only view access
  • Manage Legal Hold Settings - View, add, edit, and delete access


Legal administrators can perform actions on the Legal Hold Type from the Legal Hold > Settings page based on the role and rights assigned.

In large enterprises, where multiple Legal administrators manage different legal and forensic teams, this enhancement helps create role-based access (RBAC) for easier management of Legal Hold Types.

Action required: While creating a role for Legal administrators, ensure that you enable the necessary rights for the Legal administrator role based on your organizations' requirements.

For more information, see,

Fixed Issues

Issue Description
INS-21256 Fixed the user deletion issue where administrators were unable to delete users created with the same email ID.

Known Issues

Issue Description

When you create a custom role, and if you don't select a role from the Import Rights from drop-down list, you are not allowed to create the role. 

Workaround: You must select a role (apart from Legal Admin) and proceed with the role creation.

Related Release Notes 

inSync Client 7.0.0 for Cloud

The following enhancements are available with this release dated July 24, 2021

Prevent users from canceling ongoing backups 

Now get total control over preventing the end-users from canceling the scheduled or manually triggered backups!

You can now use the Cancel Backup option in the Edit Device Configuration window within inSync Profiles which allows administrators to control whether or not users can cancel an ongoing backup.

With this feature, the control of data backup will rest with the administrator through which they can eliminate the instances of data loss.


To know more see, Allow users to cancel device backups.

Failsafe inSync Client auto-upgrade

inSync Client upgrade is now equipped with a safeguard mechanism that will perform an auto-roll back to the previous inSync Client version if the auto-upgrade process fails.

This ensures that all user configurations and data remain intact and the devices continue to backup as usual. For more information see, Upgrade the inSync Client.

You can track the status of auto-upgrade for active devices in the Upgrade activity report. To know more see, the Upgrade Activity Report.

Enhancements to data restore

inSync administrators and end-users can restore the data to the original location across devices when the user has more than one device configured. You can restore the data to the original location across the devices of the same OS platform.


For more information see, Restore data to a device.

Revision Information

Product Revision
inSync Client

Windows: r110180

macOS: r110180

Druva has not released a new version of inSync Client for Linux OS with inSync Client v7.0.0. You can continue using inSync Client v5.9 for Linux with inSync Cloud.

Download the latest inSync Client here.

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade the inSync Client.

To learn more, contact Support.

Fixed Issues

Issue Description
INS-14039 inSync Client: Fixed an issue for the MAPI restore where the MAPI restores failed frequently.
INS-25497 inSync Client: A command execution vulnerability in the local http server, wherein an un-trusted filename parameter is received and is passed without any validation has been fixed.
INS-25496 inSync Client: A code injection vulnerability via DYLD library linking was identified in the macOS client and has been fixed by altering app entitlements and restricting dynamic library loading via environment variables.
INS-25493 inSync Client: Fixed a security vulnerability for de-serialization by changing the signature format to the non-binary protocol which will now restrict suspicious upgrade package signature.
INS-18820 inSync Client: Fixed an issue in the inSync Client log and inSync Client UI where it showed a masked error and not the actual error
INS-20142 inSync Client: Fixed an issue in the client log wherein the log does not specify the correct restore status in case of device refresh.
INS-22600 inSync Client: Fixed an issue for the SSO, wherein login failed, when the proxy setup is enabled for the user.
INS-24905 inSync Client: Fixed an issue for the activation failure, wherein the activation failed on devices with a large number of certificates.