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Ransomware Recovery errors

List of common issues in Ransomware Recovery and their workarounds.

This topic lists the errors that you may encounter while working with Ransomware Recovery and the reason and resolution for each.

Resource not found

Reason:  The resource was deleted from Druva inSync or Druva Phoenix. 

Resolution: No action required. The snapshots of the resource will be auto-deleted when the next backup cycle is triggered.


Could not find a Quarantine Range

Reason: Another administrator has deleted the quarantine range.

Resolution: No action required.


Druva Realize service is down

Reason: The Druva Realize service failed to send a response for the initiated action.

Resolution: Try after some time. If the error persists, contact Druva Support.


Druva Realize service error

Reason: There was a connection error while connecting to the Realize services in Druva Cloud.

Resolution: Try after some time. If the error persists, contact Druva Support.


Invalid date format

Reason: A date either in the FromDate column or ToDate column in the CSV does not meet the requirement.

Resolution: All the dates in the CSV should be in the following format: DD-MM-YYYY. Refer to the sample CSV for more details.


End Date should be greater than Start Date

Reason: The date that you have selected for the quarantining to stop is before the date selected when inSync starts quarantining the snapshots. 


Resolution: Change the End Date.


Start Date should be greater than feature release date

Reason: The Start Date is before the resource before the feature was released by Druva.

Resolution:  For Endpoints, ensure that the Start Date is after 19 October, 2019. For Severs, ensure that the Start Date is after 6 January, 2020.


Overlapping Ranges

Reason: The date range that you have selected is coinciding with another quarantine range for the same resource.

Resolution: Choose a different date or edit the existing quarantine date range.


Invalid date range, from date is after to date

Reason: A date in the FromDate column is after the ToDate that is mentioned for that resource.

Resolution: Verify the dates in the CSV and upload the CSV again.


From date should not be greater than today

Reason: A date in the FromDate column in the CSV is in the future. 

Resolution: All dates in the FromDate column should be the same day when the CSV is being uploaded or a date before the upload date. Verify the dates in the CSV and upload the CSV again.


To date should not be greater than today

Reason: A date in the ToDate column in the CSV is in the future. 

Resolution: If you want to quarantine all snapshots of the resource starting today, leave the ToDate field blank.


First backup is pending

Reason: The first backup of the resource has not yet been initiated. 

Resolution: Trigger the backup of the resource manually. 


Cannot delete snapshot. User is put on legal hold

Reason: If the user is a part of a Legal Hold policy, the snapshot deletion fails as data preservation is an important part of Legal Hold.

Resolution: Remove the user from all the Legal Hold policies and try again. 


Cannot delete snapshot. Indexing is going on

Reason: After the backup completes, the data is indexed so that it is easily searchable.

Resolution: Try again after some time as the indexing activity will be complete by then.


Cannot delete snapshot. Deletion of latest clean snapshot is not allowed

Reason: The last clean snapshot contains the most recent version of the data before the resource was corrupted.  This snapshot is used to restore data back to the same resource or a different resource of the same type.

Resolution: Remove the snapshot from the list of snapshots that you want to delete.


User migration in progress, restore points can not be deleted

Reason: An inSync administrator has initiated the data migration of this user's data from one storage to another. You cannot delete snapshots until the migration activity completes.

Resolution: Try again after some time.

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