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Release Notes

Cloud Upgrade on May 21, 2020

New Feature

Realize Storage Insights - Option to export Realize Storage Insights view as a PDF file

Administrators can now export their Realize Storage Insights view to a PDF file. This feature helps administrators print their view or share it with other administrators for collaboration purpose.


See Realize Storage Insights.

UI Enhancements


Based on customer interaction with Recommendations, we have updated to make it more intuitive and clear layout to display non-critical data information and enable you to actions. See Recommendations.


Cloud Upgrade on April 23, 2020

New Feature

Introducing Audit Trails - Log and monitor activities performed by administrators

Audit Trails captures the activities performed by the administrators in the Realize Management Console and logs it. Audit Trails helps track and monitor all the activities ensuring complete transparency, traceability, and accountability of all the administrators, thereby aiding forensics and compliance initiatives.

Audit Trails captures details such as the name of the administrator who performed the action, the activity performed, the resource on which the activity was performed and the timestamp of when the action was performed. For more information, see Audit Trails.

Audit Trails are available for actions performed by administrators on the Recommendations service.

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