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Druva Documentation

Known issues

This is an Early Availability draft of the documentation. This documentation is not final and it will get updated until the General Availability of the feature.  

This topic provides a list of open issues and workarounds for these issues.

Issue Description


Organization administrators are able to edit Group Administrators belonging to different organizations.


When you click Edit or Remove in the filters of the Backup Activity Details table, sometimes no action is taken.

Workaround: Retry editing or removing the filter.


The states of the backup jobs (Successful, Failed, Canceled, Queued) in the Backup Activity Daily Trend chart may be represented by incorrect colors. 

Workaround: Refer to the Summary section or the Backup Job Status chart for the correct state and count of backup jobs.


When you download a report in the CSV format using Firefox, the downloaded report may not show an extension. 


When you subscribe to a report or request for a report on demand, the first email sent from Druva does not contain the report attachment.


When you download a report and request for the report over email, the email sent may not show the correct report name, date, and the footer content.  

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