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View the Phoenix Reports page

This is an Early Availability draft of the documentation. This documentation is not final and it will get updated until the General Availability of the feature.  


The Phoenix Reports page lists the reports that your Phoenix edition supports. These reports contain a summary of backup events that have occurred during a specific period. By default, reports are available only to Druva Cloud Administrators, Phoenix Cloud Administrators, and other administrators with access privileges to access reports. You can schedule to send reports over email to other Druva administrators and non-administrators.

This topic provides instructions to access the Phoenix Reports page for viewing the reports.

Note: The Early Availability program provides you with access to only Backup Activity Report.

View the Phoenix Reporting page


  1. Log in to the Druva Cloud Platform Console. 
  2. Click the Druva logo Druva_Blue_Logo.png to access the Global Navigation Panel > Reports > Phoenix. The Phoenix Reports page appears in the card layout, by default.
  3. The Phoenix Reports page provides the following report details:
    Field Description
    Name The name of the Phoenix report.
    Description The description of the Phoenix report.

    Email Schedule

    The details of the subscription when the report is generated and sent over an email to the subscribers. It also displays the number of subscribers of that report.

    • Green_subscriber.PNG icon signifies that the logged-in user is subscribed to the report.
    • Gray_subscriber.PNG icon signifies that the users other than the logged-in user are subscribed to the report.
    • +<number> signifies the count of the subscribers. 


    Subscriber_example.PNG  signifies that the report has been subscribed by the logged-in user and five other subscribers, and the report is scheduled to be generated every day at 6 PM and emailed to the subscribers.

    Note: Click the List  List_view.PNG icon to view reports in the card layout.

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