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Upcoming Enhancements to Administrator Management

Experience a simplified administrator management with a unified role for Enterprise Workloads (Hybrid Workloads and Native Workloads). 

What has changed

  • With this integration, Enterprise Workloads administrators will now be able to manage resources on Hybrid Workloads and Native Workloads.
  • On the Create New Administrator page, the Product Administrator > Phoenix will be changed to Product Administrator > Enterprise Workloads (Hybrid + AWS)

  • All organization and account administrators on Native Workloads will now be provisioned directly from the Druva Cloud Platform console. All existing organization administrators will continue with no change in privileges, while account administrators will now be provisioned as group administrators.

Note: The Members section on the Organization and Account settings pages will be deprecated from the  Native Workloads console. All admin management will now be provisioned from the Manage Administrators page on the Druva Cloud Platform console.

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