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Announcing the brand new In-Product Help

Druva’s new Help Center gives you, the users, the power to self-service within the product. We are committed to simplify your journey of setting up the next generation of data protection in the cloud. With that in mind, we started thinking how best we could help our customers:

  • Be well informed about the new features and enhancements that we roll out via the regular cloud updates

  • Onboard and learn how to use our products

  • Have quick access to help and support resources

  • And do all of the above without leaving the application

And, we are happy to announce the big step forward - starting this July ‘19, you will see a new help icon that fires up the Help Center within the product:


Let’s take a quick look at the features:

  • What’s New: We’d like to keep you updated with the new features and enhancements that help you improve your data protection requirements. All you need to do is check the What’s New section of the Help Center where we call out the new features as well the action required to be able to use the features.
  • Guided Tours: Check out the guided tours for Phoenix, which walk you through the configuration steps. We are presently working on adding more tours for both inSync and Phoenix:
  • Product Documentation and Support Resources: The Druva Doc Portal and Support Portal are sources of in-depth product information and help options. Quick links to these resources are now available at your fingertips.

What’s next?

Now that we have introduced the Help Center where it is most relevant, we are poised to scale with additional self-service features. In the next few months, we will continue to add product tours, guides, contextual experience, and much more. 

Shout out

A shout out to the fantastic team who got it going: Chirag Kakani, Krishna Shekhar, Sourabh Lodh, Amol Dere, Prashant Monteiro, Salil Shankar, and Smriti Banijwadkar.

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