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Upcoming Enhancements for Cloud Update on May 05, 2022

Protect mission-critical backups from accidental or malicious deletion with Rollback Actions

Starting May 05, 2022, you can configure the Rollback Actions capability to enhance your organization’s data security posture and safeguard backup data from deletions triggered by rogue administrators, ransomware attacks, or operational incidents. 

With Rollback Actions, you can rollback deleted entities within a configurable rollback window. The deleted entities are available for rollback for the specified days before the entity and its backups are permanently deleted.  This provides the administrator the ability to revert malicious or unintended deletes without any loss of data and enables the restoration of productivity rapidly. If you have consciously triggered the deletes, the backup copies will be permanently deleted after the rollback window expires and there will be no impact on what you were trying to do.

Action Required: You need the Security Essentials license. To obtain the license, contact Support. 

Watch this video to see what's coming



►With the version, the following entities will be supported for rollback action

Endpoints and SaaS Apps 

  • Profiles 
  • Users
  • Endpoint Devices
  • Microsoft 365 Apps (Device-level)
    • Exchange Online
    • One Drive 
    • SharePoint 
    • Teams
    • Public Folders 
  • Google Workspace (Device-level) 

    • Google Mail 
    • Google Drive
    • Shared Drives

Hybrid Workloads backup sets

  • File Servers
  • VMware
  • Hyper V
  • MS SQL 
  • Oracle DTC 
  • NAS
  • Nutanix AHV


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