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Update existing AWS credentials in CloudRanger


This article explains how to make updates to permissions for existing AWS credentials and IAM roles in your CloudRanger account.

Why you may need to update your AWS access role

When we release some of our new features, we may require extra permissions from our users. We will notify users to update their credentials in each case. Updating the AWS Access credentials of an account will allow it to take advantage of the new features. 

This process is similar to creating your AWS Access credentials when you initially set up your CloudRanger account:

AWS Access.png

Inside the CloudRanger application, go to your Account Settings and in the AWS Access section, click Configure.


Copy this URL.

Now navigate to CloudFormation within the AWS Console and click on the stack you previously created for your CloudRanger credentials.


Select Actions and then click 'Update Stack


We then Paste the URL we copied earlier into the textbox under the Specifiy an Amazon S3 template URL and Click Next.


On the Specify Details page click Next



On the Options page, click Next


You will then be able to preview the changes before clicking Update to confirm the CloudFormation changes to resources.


After the update of your stack is complete, go back to the CloudRanger application and under the Save AWS Access Role section, click Save 


Now, your AWS credentials and IAM role should now be updated with the latest permissions and you will be able to use the latest functionality we release.

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