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Set up Notifications


This article explains how you can manage notifications in Druva CloudRanger for successes and failures of your jobs.

Setting up notifications

If you click on the Settings section from the main dashboard, you will see Notifications option will appear.


As you can see, you have 4 options here to choose from. You can tick the type of notifications you would like to receive, then click on recipients where you can add your chosen email addresses to be notified when the specific action occurs.

The ‘Warning’ notification is used to alert users of any non-critical issues.

For example:

  • When an instance ID is no longer available as a resource but is still part of the backup policy. 

  • When a tag used in a backup Policy is no longer available on any resources.

  • When there is an issue creating a consistent snapshot a standard snapshot is generated.

  • In this case, a warning notification with diagnostic information is triggered.

  • It is good practice to have this options selected.


When you type in your chosen email address, just click the + button to add the recipient.

For some of our plans, you can also choose to send notifications to your chosen Slack channel, or other web-hooks you may use.

Please check out our pricing plans to see which plans support this functionality


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