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Set up Read, Write, and Admin Access


This article explains the differences between Read/Write/Admin access and the differences between Organization and Account level access.

User access

Different levels of access can be granted to ‘Team Members’ at both an Organization level or an  Account level. These include Read, Write or Admin.

Organization Level

Granting access at an Organizational level is done by clicking the ‘Organization Settings’ on the top right of your screen. Team members can then be added with specific permissions. Having permissions at an Organization level will allow that user to have the same access to all accounts in that Organization.    

Having ‘Read’ access will only allow the user to review existing Backup Policies and Server Schedules, they will not have the ability to add new ones or edit existing ones. Having ‘Write’ access allows the users the ability to create new and edit existing Backup Policies and Server schedules, they will not have the ability to change any of the organization or account settings for example timezones, notification and team member access. This permission is only given when ‘Admin’ access is selected.

Account Level

The same type of access can be provided at an individual account level within an organization. Granting access at an Account level is done by clicking the ‘Settings’ link on the vertical navigation bar of each account. 



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