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Druva Documentation

About Managing your AWS account

The Druva CloudRanger console offers an intuitive interface easily manage and configure your AWS infrastructure, backups, restores, as well as the disaster recovery at the AWS account level.

Account Settings

The Account Settings allow you to access and manage the AWS accounts defined on Druva CloudRanger.


Click the Settings icon to view and manage the following account settings:

  • Overview: Set and manage AWS Auto Sync, Time Zone settings, and your Druva CloudRanger account name and icon.
  • AWS Access: Configure and test your AWS access settings.
  • Notifications: Manage notifications to be triggered and the intended recipients or webhooks.
  • CloudRanger Team: Add or manage team members with the permitted levels of access.
  • Network settings: Manage the subnets that CloudRanger will apply on temporary instances for each region.
  • File Search Settings: Enable File Indexing to define the accuracy of search in backups – a higher frequency of indexing enhances search accuracy, while also impacting costs.
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