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A summary of the dashboard

From the Dashboard we can see an overview of our AWS Account managed by CloudRanger. 

We can see how many servers are available and running, how many of these have a Backup Policy or Schedule associated with them. A weekly saving figure is shown which outlines the saving realized by implementing scheduling.

The weekly overview is a graphical display of your schedules including savings for all of your servers for each day of the week.

Create an aws-access-role step-by-step guide

CloudRanger needs access to the AWS account you want us to manage on your behalf. We have provided a CloudFormation script to automate the creation of the CloudRanger access role in your AWS account. 

Step 1 - Click on the 'Configuration' link on the main dashboard.

Step 2 - Make sure that your AWS console window is open and you are logged into the account you want to create access to.

Step 3 - Click on the 'Connect to AWS' button.

Step 5 - Click 'Create' to generate a CloudFormation stack. 

Step 6 - Refresh the Stack until the status is CREATE_COMPLETE

Step 7 - Go to the 'Outputs' dropdown

Step 8 - Highlight and then Copy the ARN value

Step 9 - Save the ARN value in CloudRanger as outlined below:

Adding AWS credentials with CloudRanger

Synchronize your AWS environment with CloudRanger

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