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Browsable Indexed Snapshots

How to browse indexed snapshots using File Level Search functionality

File Level Search functionality allows you to search the file systems of Amazon EBS volume backups (snapshots) and if necessary, retrieve or download the file(s). The feature can now be used directly in the File Level Restore page.

The File Level Search feature is optional and must be turn on in the Account Settings. There are options for the user to turn on the feature for All backups in the account or individual backups created by CloudRanger’s Backup Policy.

File Level Search via File Level Restore

Step 1 – Navigate to Back Up Page, select Backup and Click Restore

In Backups, search for a backup that is indexed (Green Icon) and click the restore link.



Step 2 – Perform File Level Search

In the Restore Snapshot page the File Level Recovery by default will show the File Search UI which will have the same functionality has the File Search page. User can also toggle to the original File Level Recovery by selecting 'Launch Instance’ using the combo box in top right (beside download link).


File Level Recovery.png


File level instance available.png

Step 3 – Download file

When File Search returns a result the file(s) can be downloaded by selecting the checkbox and clicking the download link.


Select Checkbox.png

Retrieve File.png

Step 4 – Browse File Tree

Similar to the File Level Recovery feature the user can browse the directory structure to find a file by clicking the link '/partition_1'


Directory structure.png

Looking for More Information?

For more information on our File Search functionality, or to arrange a demo of the functionality, please contact us at


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