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How does CloudRanger work?


This article provides a quick overview of how CloudRanger works with your Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS and Redshift resources.

Backup, disaster recovery and server scheduling for AWS workloads

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We specialize in automation for AWS resources. Our software solution allows you easily automate backups for Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS and Redshift resources. We also provide functionality to schedule your non-production EC2 and RDS servers on/off to meet your business requirements and save significantly on your AWS costs.

Create an IAM access role to link your AWS account

First of all, you link your AWS account to CloudRanger via an IAM access role, then you set up your backup tasks for your Amazon EBS, EC2, RDS and Redshift resources and then you add the specific schedules for when you want your tasks to execute. 

Once your account access is configured, you can then choose specific creation and retention periods for when your backup policies will execute, thereby automating the process. 


These tasks are then automated on your chosen schedule. No more cron - no more worrying!

Automate Disaster Recovery testing

We have also recently launched our Automated Disaster Recovery (ADR) functionality which takes our backup & restore capability and enhances it to automate the end to end activity of recovering from an actual disaster. 

Rather than selecting single cloud-based resources for restore, you can now select resources, which combined, make up an entire application. In fact, you could select an entire region for restore. 

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