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Backup Resources On Demand

This article explains how you can generate on-demand backups of your AWS resources on Druva CloudRanger.

To create a backup on-demand:

  1. Log into your Druva CloudRanger console and navigate to Resources.

    You may use the appropriate filter to drill down by resource type.

    Res Type.png
  2. Select the resource you wish to back up and then click icon.PNG.  The backup process will depend on the resource type specified.Edit section
    Note:  The following table describes the process to generate a backup based on the resource type selected. 

    Resource Type



    You can choose to generate an AMI or a snapshot for EC2 resources.
    Click icon.PNG and then select the Take AMI or Take Snapshot option.


    To generate an EBS snapshot, click icon.PNG  and then select the Take Snapshot option.


    To generate snapshots of RDS resources, click icon.PNG  and select the Take Snapshot option.


    To generate snapshots of Redshift resources, click icon.PNG  and select the Take Snapshot option.


    To generate a backup of DynamoDB tables, click the Take Backup button.

    The Backup Resources confirmation dialog displays:

  3. Click Back Up to initiate the backup process.

  4. Click View to navigate to the Jobs page, where you can view the status of the backup job.

    bk_job EC2.png
    Note:  Once the triggered backup job is complete, the job State changes to Jobs State2.PNG.
  5. Once the job is complete, navigate to the Backups page to view the backup.

    BK Main.png

You can filter the backups generated by the following resource types:

  • EC2 (AMIs and EBS snapshots)
  • RDS database snapshots
  • Redshift snapshots
  • DynamoDB table backups
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