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Back up a server on demand


This article explains how you can backup a server on demand with a snapshot or an AMI.

Backup on demand

If you are looking to generate a backup of your server with an AMI or Snapshot on demand, you can do this easily from the SERVERS section on the CloudRanger dashboard.


From here, you can select the server(s) you would like backup by ticking the checkboxes. Then a user has the ability to manually generate an AMI or Standard Snapshot from a Server using the ‘Take AMI’ or ‘Take Snapshot’ options from the ACTIONS dropdown menu.


By clicking on either of these options, this will then run your chosen backup action straight away. 

You may need to 'Sync' your CloudRanger account after the backup has run, to see the backups. You can do this by clicking on the below button on your main account dashboard.


Once the backup has ran, and you have Synced your account, you will be able to see these backups in the BACKUPS section in your CloudRanger dashboard.  


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