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Create Cross-Region Backups


This article describes how to create cross-region backups of your AWS workloads with Druva CloudRanger.

A backup policy automatically generates the backup in the origin AWS region. Druva CloudRanger offers a cross-region backup functionality to create copies in up to two additional AWS regions. This generates additional copies in your chosen regions, with the same retention criteria as defined in the backup policy.

Note: Cross-region backup is not supported for Redshift instances.

Creating cross-region backups

You can choose to save additional backup copies when you are creating a new backup policy.

To define additional copies for a pre-existing policy:

  1. Navigate to Backup Policies on the left navigation menu and select the policy you wish to edit.
  2. On the Retention tab, select the Save extra copies to other regions checkbox.
  3. Specify up to two preferred AWS regions to create copies in.

  4. Click Save & Continue.
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