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Druva Documentation

Uninstall Druva Backup Operator


To uninstall Druva Backup Operator, execute the following command:

helm uninstall druva-backup-operator -n druva-system


Delete objects

To delete specific objects, execute the following command:

kubectl delete <objecttype>


Residual objects

In some cases, residual artifacts continue to reside in the system even once DBO uninstallation is complete. This might include objects such as druva-cluster, applicationgroup per,  namespacedruva-system namespaceand secret per namespace.


This issue occurs because some residual objects may not be removed using the kubectl delete command. As a workaround, you can edit the object definition to remove the value in the finalizers key.

Note: Finalizers are keys on resources that signal pre-delete operations and allow controllers to implement asynchronous pre-delete hooks. Finalizers are designed to alert controllers on the cleanup operations to perform prior to removing a resource. A finalizer can be leveraged when deleting an associated external resource upon deletion of an object from Kubernetes.

  • To edit the finalizers key, execute the following command and remove the finalizers:

kubectl edit <objecttype> <objectname> -n <namespace>
  • Save changes and then reattempt the deletion of residual objects. 

For more information, see Using Finalizers.

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