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Druva Documentation

Backup Job Management


The backup job defines what should be backed up by the Backup Operator. Backup jobs are constrained to a single namespace. Each namespace has a default backup job which is defined by the application admin and will depend on any changes to other backup jobs within a cluster (such as creating or deleting applications).

The backup job has the following states:

  • Undefined
  • Defined: The backup job has been created within Druva Controller, but not registered with the central manager
  • Registered: The backup job is registered with the central manager
  • Enabled: The backup job is available for backup or restore operations
  • Disabled: The backup job is currently not allowed to be used for backup (or restore) operations

Initiate a Backup Job

  • A backup of an existing Application Group can be initiated using an optional recipe selected from the available recipes defined within the ApplicationGroup manifest.

Note: There can only be one active backup for a given ApplicationGroup.

  •     To initiate a backup, run the following command using the druvactl CLI utility.
druvactl create backup -n <namespace> <applicationgroup>
  •   You may choose to exclude the namespace option when operating within the default namespace:
druvactl create backup <applicationgroup>

List Backups

You can query and display the status of an active backup or the last successful backup of an ApplicationGroup using the druvactl CLI utility:

druvactl get backups -n <namespace> -g <applicationgroup>

This will generate the list of backups available for restore, serving either as a precursor to the restore workflow or as part of monitoring.  If the last initiated backup has failed, then only the last successful backup of application groups within that namespace will be displayed.