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Druva Documentation

Restore Application Groups

You can restore your Kubernetes application groups from backup sets generated.

  1. Log into your Druva CloudRanger console and navigate to Resources > Kubernetes.
  2. Navigate to the Backups tab, and select a backup set to be restored.

The Restore from Cluster page displays an overview of the Backup Set and any associated recipes. 

You can modify the Restore Target as applicable:



Target Region

The AWS Region where the backup set is to be restored.

Note: Currently backup sets can only be restored to the same AWS Region where the backup set currently resides (that is, the From Region).

Target Cluster

Select the cluster to which the backup set is to be restored.

Target Namespace

Select the Namespace within the Target Cluster specified.

3. Click Finish.

CloudRanger then nitiates the restore job. To view the job status navigate to the Restore Jobs page. Once the job is complete, you can view the restored Backup  Set from the Restores tab.