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Druva Documentation

Manage Application Groups

The Kubernetes clusters registered and discovered from your AWS account will be available on your CloudRanger console. 

  • To view the Application Groups associated with a cluster, navigate to Resources Kubernetes.
  • Select a specific cluster and then click the Application Groups tab:

App Group1.png

  • Click an application group Name to view information on the associated namespaces and backup status. 

The application group Summary page displays the following information:

  • The Namespace associated with the selected application group.
  •  The Backup Policies
  • Backup Protection Status indicates
  • Last Backup Status of the 
  • Recipes

Click the Backups tab to view all backups triggered for that application group:


The application group Backups page displays the following information:

  • The Backup Set indicates 
  • The Recipe applied to each backup triggered
  • Total number of snapshots associated with a backup set
  • The AWS Region where the Backup Set resides
  • Last Backup Status of the backup triggered.

Note: If a backup set has been triggered and the backup job is still in progress, you can click the job link to view the associated jobs and track the job progress.


You can apply one or more filters to view specific Application Groups.


Select one or more of the following filters and click Apply:

  • Namespace: Filter Application Groups within a specific Namespace.
  • Recipe: Select the Recipe defined for the specific Application Groups.
  • Backup Policy: Filter Application Groups to which a specific backup policy has been configured.
  • Backup Protection Status: The status of the backup protection for the Application Group, for example, Protected or Not Protected.