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Druva Documentation

Application Groups


An Application Group is a Kubernetes application, as defined by the Application Admin, that is eligible for backup. The Application Group includes an Application Group Name and an Application Group ID. 

For example: If the application group is a Wordpress server + MySQL database, the Application Group Name could be WordpressMySQL and an Application Group ID, which is auto-generated by Druva CloudRanger when first registering the Application Group.The Application Group must be created in the same namespace as the application.

Applications are the primary Kubernetes protection objects and help determine the data protection workflow in line with business requirements. The components of an application can include one or more of the following:

  • Kubernetes resources (pods, secrets, configmaps, etc.)
  • Persistent volumes (flexvol or CSI)
  • External data stores that are not Kubernetes volumes (such as. Amazon RDS, NAS shares, and so on)

Each Kubernetes application may include one or more of these components, as well as include and exclude rules defined to map specific resources in the application definition.

Note: Creating custom application definitions enable the application owners and the backup administrators to clearly identify the resources and data volumes to be protected and streamline the overall protection workflow.

Default Application Group

Default Application Group (DAG) is an Application Group that includes, by definition, all resources within its own namespace. There can be only one DAG within a namespace identified by its name that matches its namespace. The DAG in a namespace facilitates the backup of the entire namespace.

A DAG is created automatically in each namespace when the Druva Backup Operator (DBO) is installed, and in any namespace that is created subsequently. DAGs are not created in system namespaces, DBO namespaces, and namespaces created for packages that DBO depends on to provide protection services. These namespaces include those that have a kube- prefix, druva-systemcert-manager, and service-catalog.

DAG cannot be deleted explicitly and is deleted automatically when the namespace is deleted.

Defining Application Groups

To define your Kubernetes Application Group and prepare for application data backup, you must first define the Application Group detail and the associated backup recipes. For more information, see Application Group Definition