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Druva Documentation

Pricing and Subscription

Provides information on pricing and subscription plans for Druva CloudRanger.

Subscription Plans

This article explains how pricing and subscription plans work on Druva CloudRanger.

You can subscribe to Druva CloudRanger on an annual basis. Our pricing plans are based on your specific AWS workload requirements and start at just $7 per resource/per month for our Enterprise plan, with options to upgrade to Elite based on your business needs.


Note: Visit our pricing page to know more about the available plans.

Subscribe via AWS Marketplace

You can also choose to sign up for a CloudRanger subscription via the AWS Marketplace, so the subscription is included in your AWS monthly bill.

Payment options: Customers can pay for a Druva CloudRanger subscription via credit card or via wire transfer.

Freemium Plan

If you are looking to protect a small AWS environment, you can subscribe to our Freemium plan.

Service limits apply to the Freemium plan:

  • Limited to 20 Managed AWS resources
  • Limited to 2 AWS accounts
  • No Support

You can upgrade from a Freemium plan to a paid plan at any time right from your Druva CloudRanger dashboard.

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