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VMware backups stuck at 0% and fails with Backup Window expired

Problem description

  • Every time a job is run, it stays stuck at 0%.
  • The job may or may not pass the snapshot phase.
  • The VM shows disk consolidation is needed.
  • The network is fine.
  • When performed consolidation it fails with disks is locked.
  • When the snapshot fails, the VCenter console shows,

Snapshot failed - Too many levels of redo logs.


Main_Service.log shows

['Finished snapshot operation.'

[INFO] Pinging Sync Server

[ERROR] roboSyncer: network error while execute_node : Dropped network connection. (#100000022) (Error Code : PHOENIX34)!! [2021-07-22 04:47:43,748] [WARNING] No connection available in pool to execute_rpc_all_active.

Vmware error

This virtual machine has more than 100 redo logs in a single branch of its snapshot tree.


  • Verify the VM (name) folder by browsing the datastore.
  • It should not contain multiple snapshot disks.
  • Virtual Machine needs maintenance task.
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