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Ensuring backup over LAN and WAN

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If you set the bandwidth for your inSync setup as a percentage value of the available bandwidth, you can ensure that your inSync setup works at all bandwidths within the defined bandwidth limits. To do this, you must modify the WANBW_LOWCAP and LANBW_LOWCAP parameters in the inSyncServer. cfg file.
The “LOWCAP” settings work only if bandwidth throttling is defined as a percentage value of available bandwidth.
The WANBW_LOWCAP and LANBW_LOWCAP parameters indicate the amount of bandwidth (in bytes) that can be consumed by backups when the connectivity is low (typically, 64 KB/sec for LAN and 16 KB/sec for WAN). The default value of WANBW_LOWCAP is 16 KB while the default value of LANBW_LOWCAP is 64 KB.

Note: If you want to update the WANBW_LOWCAP and LANBW_LOWCAP parameters, contact Druva Support ( Druva does not recommend updating the configuration settings of the inSyncServer.cfg file on your own. 

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