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API response codes

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This topic lists the API response codes generated based on the request to access Report APIs.

API response codes

inSync processes the API request and displays the following response codes.

Response Codes Description
HTTP 200 Request is successful.
HTTP 400 Request syntax is incorrect.
HTTP 401

Unauthorized access request.

This response code is generated in one of the following scenarios:

  • The access request does not have the required parameters.
  • The access request has invalid parameters, like incorrect Username and/or Password.
HTTP 403

Access forbidden.

You do not have valid license to access the API. Contact Druva Support to get the license.

HTTP 404

Requested API not found.

Verify the API request for correct API name.

HTTP 429

Too many API requests received by inSync Server in a given amount of time.

Try requesting API after some time.

HTTP 500

Internal Server error.

Try requesting API after some time. If the error persists, contact Druva Support.

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