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Reporting APIs to create custom reports

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Using inSync Report APIs, you can customize reports and view the relevant data related to activities that occur in inSync.

Benefits of using inSync Report APIs are as follows:

  • Customize and obtain reports that display data as per your requirement.
  • Get holistic view of system usage such as ability to fetch historic data, filter data based on specific activities, and so on.
  • Fetch report data and store it in a local database. You can consume this stored data by integrating with third-party Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and generate reports and get data insights. For more information on how to fetch report data in a local database, contact Druva Support.


  • inSync provides you only read-only Report APIs.
    • By default, inSync provides you with a set of pre-customized reports that give you an account of activities that occur in your inSync setup. For more information, see Reports.
  • If you have configured inSync Edge Server to communicate with inSync Master, inSync does not allow requests to inSync Report APIs from outside the organization firewall. You must be located in your organization's network to access inSync Report APIs.

In this section

The following table lists the topics that provide you information on Report APIs.

Task Topic
Using Report APIs Using Report APIs
List of available Report APIs List of Report APIs
List of available Report APIs (v2) List of Report APIs (v2)
API response codes API response codes


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