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Install inSync on Mac devices

License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.


IMD parameters need to be passed in the mass deployment command. The parameters are saved to Keychain so that the mass deployment token is saved securely. For more information on parameters, see Parameter details.


To mass deploy inSync client on Mac devices:

  1. Install inSync client on Mac devices in your environment using any automated installation tool.
  2. After installing the inSync Client on user devices, use the following command to pass the IMD configuration parameters to the inSync Client. These parameters are securely saved in the system Keychain of the Mac devices. You need root privileges to execute this command.

Basic command format:  <AppExecutable> [<--parameter1> <value1>] [<--parameter2> <value2>] ...

/Applications/Druva\ inSync/ --token "<IMDToken>" 
--master "<server-fqdn>:<port>" --proxy-server "<IP address of proxy server>:<port number>" --proxy-type "<type of proxy used>"


/Applications/Druva\ inSync/ --token "11-123this0is0a0sample0token0123"
 --master "" --proxy-server "" --proxy-type "socks5"

The command passes the IMD parameters to the client system and saves them in Keychain of the Mac device.

Note: The token value used in the example is for presentation purpose only. A token is unique and you must generate your own before the installation.

In case the IMD command fails, refer to the troubleshooting section

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