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Synchronize inSync users with your AD/LDAP

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When you synchronize inSync users with your Active Directory  (AD) or LDAP.

When configured, inSync automatically, at a defined interval, queries your AD/LDAP and preserves any inSync user who has been disabled in your AD/LDAP.

There are two ways in which you can synchronize inSync users with your AD/LDAP:

  • Automatic Sync: In this process, inSync automatically queries your AD/LDAP at regular intervals. You can configure the frequency at which inSync must query your AD/LDAP. 


  • You can only synchronize users whom you imported using your AD/LDAP. You cannot synchronize users whom you added individually or through a CSV file.
  • inSync automatically disable users who are disabled in AD/LDAP. However, if you enable users that you disabled in AD/LDAP, inSync does not automatically enable them in inSync. For more information on how you can enable users on inSync, see Disable, enable, and delete users.
  • When you synchronize inSync with your Active Directory (AD)/LDAP,
    • inSync queries your AD/LDAP for user details and disables any inSync user who is removed from your AD/LDAP.
    • If any user is disabled in your AD/LDAP, inSync disables that user only if
    • By default, the MANAGE_AD_DISABLED_USERS parameter is set to True. If you want to modify inSyncServer.cfg file, contact Druva Support.

Auto-sync users with the AD/LDAP

To enable automatic synchronization of inSync user details with your active directory when creating an AD/LDAP mapping, see Create an Active Directory mapping. inSync automatically queries AD/LDAP at regular intervals for user details and deactivates any inSync user that is removed from AD/LDAP.

To enable automatic synchronization of inSync users with your AD/LDAP,

  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Manage > Deployments > AD/LDAPAD/LDAP page with details of existing AD/LDAP Mappings appears.
  2. Click the AD/LDAP Settings tab.
  3. In the AD/LDAP Settings area, and click Edit.
  4. Select the Auto preserve unmapped users check box.
  5. Click Ok

inSync now automatically, at the defined interval, queries your AD/LDAP for user details and preserves any inSync user who has been disabled or removed from your AD/LDAP.

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