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Configure the user import or sync frequency

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inSync administrators can configure inSync to,

inSync enables inSync administrators to configure the interval at which inSync must query your Active Directory (AD) or LDAP for these automatic updates. By default, the period is set to 24 hours.


You can configure the interval at which inSync must query your Active Directory (AD) to deactivate users who were removed from the AD.

To configure the frequency

  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Manage > Deployments > AD/LDAPAD/LDAP page with details of existing AD/LDAP Mappings appears.
  2. Click the AD/LDAP Settings tab.
  3. In the AD/LDAP Settings area, and click Edit.
  4. In the Auto sync interval box, type the interval, in hours, at which inSync must query your AD/LDAP to schedule an automatic update.
  5. Click Ok.

The new auto-sync interval is applicable after 30 minutes. inSync then automatically triggers a scan to query your Active Directory (AD) or LDAP and performs the applicable automatic updates.

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