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Customize the new user activation email

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Once the email account is configured, you can customize the activation email message that inSync Master sends to inSync users. You can customize the activation email message only while creating a user. If required, you can create a dummy user and then delete it. After you update the activation email message, the changes you make are saved. inSync Master sends the updated activation email message to each user that you create from now onwards.


To customize the activation email message

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click Users.  The Manage Users page appears.
  2. Click Create New. The Create New User window appears.

    Customize New User Activation Email.png

  3. On the Create New User window, provide new user details. See, Add users individually.
  4. Update the subject and the body of the email. Ensure that you include the following variables:
    Variable Description
    %USER% Represents the name of the user.
    %SERVERS% Represents the URL of the inSync Master.
    %MAIL% Represents the email ID of the new user.
    %PASSWORD% Represents the password of the new user's inSync account.
    %CLINK% Represents the location on the Druva website from where the user can download inSync. To allow users to download inSync from a different location, replace %CLINK% with the link to the new location.
  5. Click Create User.
Note: You can use simple HTML tags while formatting the body of the email.
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