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Update inSync Storage Node port numbers

inSync Private Cloud Editions: File:/tick.png Elite File:/tick.png Enterprise

This topic provides instructions to update the inSync storage node port numbers.

Before you begin

Before you update the port numbers, ensure that you open the new port numbers on the inSync Storage Node server. An inSync Storage Node needs the following ports:

  • Backup and sync port: inSync uses this port to send backup data to the inSync Storage Node.
  • User web access port: Users uses this port to access inSync Web.


To update inSync Storage Node port numbers

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click Manage > Storage List.
  2. Click the Storage Nodes tab.
  3. Click the link of inSync Storage Node whose ports you want to update.
  4. In the General Information area, click Edit. The Edit Storage Node window appears.
  5. In the Backup & sync port box, type the new port for the inSync Storage Node.
  6. In the User web access port box, type the new port for the inSync Storage Node.
  7. Click Save.
Note: You cannot use this procedure to update the port numbers of the local storage node that is installed on the inSync Master. To update the port numbers for the local storage node, you must update the port numbers for the inSync Master.