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Update IdP details for inSync

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After you configure inSync for SSO, you might encounter scenarios where changes to IdP configurations must reflect in your inSync setup. for example, if your IdP certificate is about to expire, you must replace the existing certificate with the new certificate. If you do not update the certificate, inSync requests to your IdP will not be authenticated, and login attempts will fail.

To avoid scenarios such as this, you must update IdP details as and when necessary following this workflow. 


To update IdP details for inSync

  1. Log on to inSync Master Management Console
  2. Disable SSO for administrators
  3. Ensure that you can log on to inSync Master Management Console using your username and inSync password. 
  4. Update the IdP configuration. For instructions, see Configure SSO for inSync
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Enable SSO for administrators
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