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Disable password for administrator who enabled SSO

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If you enabled SSO for administrators, inSync supports access using inSync password as well as SSO for your account. You can either use your inSync password or SSO for accessing inSync Master Management Console. This functions as a fail-safe mechanism to avoid permanent lock-out of administrators in some scenarios. For example, if your IdP configuration changes before updating the inSync configuration, all login attempts via SSO will fail, and there will be no way to recover your inSync data. 

  • We strongly recommend that you DO NOT disable access using inSync password for the Server administrator account or the fail-safe administrator who enabled SSO for administrators.

However, if you must, you can disable access using inSync password from your administrator account. 


To disable inSync password for the administrator who enabled SSO for administrators

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click wheel.png > Administrators.
  2. Locate the account, and click the account name. 
  3. On the administrator page, click Password > Disable Password.
  4. Read the message, and click Yes

Note: You can now log on using SSO only. To enable access using inSync password again, you must disable SSO. For more information, see Disable SSO for administrators.

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