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Generate SSO token

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Why generate SSO token

To allow your IdP to recognize requests that inSync sends, you must first generate an SSO token, and then update your IdP configuration with this token. The SSO token uniquely identifies inSync login requests. For login attempts, inSync sends a request to the IdP (typically using HTTP POST). In its response, the IdP attaches this token, thereby indicating the veracity of authentication requests. When inSync receives this response, it uses the SSO token ID to validate the authenticity of the IdP response. 

Note: We recommend that you generate the SSO token only once. If you generate the SSO token again, the old SSO token that you previously registered with your IdP becomes invalid. If you generate the SSO again, update your IdP details accordingly. 


To generate an SSO token

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click wheel.png > Settings.
  2. Click the Single Sign-On tab and then click Generate SSO Token. The Single Sign-On Authentication Token window appears.
  3. Click Copy. A message appears indicating that the token is copied to clipboard.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Update your IdP configuration to reflect the SSO token. 
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