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Data Insights page

inSync Private Cloud Editions: File:/tick.png Elite File:/tick.png Enterprise


This page helps you to analyze and identify usage trends, and to globally search and filter files and folders on all storage.



The following table lists the fields in the Summary area.

Field  Description
Users The number of inSync users.
Storages The number of storage.
Total Data The total data backed up.
Total number of items The total number of files backed up.
Note: When you open or refresh the Governance page, the data in the Summary area can be up to 10 minutes old. To view the most recent information, click Recalculate.

Data By File Types


In a graphical representation, the Data By File Types area displays distribution of data depending on the file types.

Files By Sizes


In a graphical representation, the # Files By Sizes area displays the distribution of the data depending on the size of the files.


Analytics Data Insights.png

The following table lists the fields in the search results.

Field Description
Name Name of the file.
User Name of the user to whom the file belongs.
Data Source Name of the device from which the file is backed up.
Snapshot Details of the snapshot when the file was available.
Date Modified Date when the file was last modified.
Size Size of the file.
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