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Log on to inSync Master Management Console

inSync Private Cloud Editions: File:/tick.png Elite File:/tick.png Enterprise

Before you begin

Before you log on to inSync Master Management Console, ensure the following:

  • You have the IP address and port to access the inSync Master Management Console. 
  • You have the email ID and password for the inSync administrator account. You can obtain your login credentials from the invitation email. 


To log on to the inSync Master Management Console

  1. In a Web browser, enter the following URL:


    where inSyncMasterIPAddress  represents the IP address of the server where you have inSync Master installed. 

  2. Type the email ID and password for your first inSync administrator account.
  3. Click Login.

The inSync Master Management Console appears.

Note: The inSync Master Management Console logs you out if you are inactive for 30 minutes.

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