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User Rollout report

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The details related to user devices, their activation date, and the status of the first backup from their device. This report is useful when you are rolling out inSync in your organization. You can keep track of the user devices that have inSync installed. You can take corrective action if inSync was unable to complete the first backup from any device.

This report also includes detailed information about the first backup, such as the first backup status, bytes transferred, and backup size. This report also indicates if system settings backup is activated for a device.

The following table lists the fields in the User Rollout Report area.

Field Description
User Details The name and email address of the user.
Added On The date and time when the user was added.
Profile The profile that is assigned to the user.
User Status The status of the user. For example, enabled.
Device Name The name of the device that is registered to the user.
Activated On The date and time when the device was activated.
System Settings The status of whether the device's system settings were backed up.
First Backup Status The status of the first backup operation.
Backup Size (MB) The size of the files in MB that were backed up during the last backup operation.
Bytes Transferred (MB) The number of bytes transferred during backup.
Time Taken (hh:mm) The time taken for the backup operation to complete in hours and minutes.
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