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Last Backup Status report

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The details of the last backup operation, and the status of the backup. Based on the status of the last backup, you can perform analysis and take corrective actions. For example, backup operation fails because of exceeding quota, or backup is completed but with errors.

The following table lists the fields in the Last Backup Status Report area.

Field Description
User Details The name and email address of the user.
Data Source The name of the device that is registered to the user.
Profile The profile that is assigned to the user.
Client Version The version of inSync client on user's device.
Client OS The operating system of the user's device.
Device Status The backup status of the device. For example, enabled.
Start Time The date and time on which the backup started.
End Time The date and time on which the backup completed.
Files Backed Up The number of folders that are backed up.
Files Missed The number of folders that were not backed up.
Bytes Transferred (MB) The number of bytes transferred during backup.
Status The status of the backup operation.
Details Additional details about the backup operation.
Backup Data (MB) The size of actual backed up data for the device. Actual data signifies the existing backed up data for the device after differential backups.
Allocated Quota (MB) The quota in MB that is allocated for the user.
Notes: 0.00 MB denotes unlimited quota is allocated to the user. 
Total Backup Data (MB)

The total size of backed up data for the device. Total size is a combination of incremental and differential backup data for the device.

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