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Data Loss Prevention


inSync’s Data Loss Prevention functionality (DLP) is an effective solution that reduces the total economic impact of a lost or stolen computer or mobile device for enterprises. It provides powerful, multi-layered protection of critical data residing in your organization’s devices such as:

  • Encrypt content of the device to protect it from unauthorized access. The content is converted into unreadable code that cannot be decoded easily.
  • Disallow users to pre-download content from the inSync Master on their mobile device to read the content when the mobile is not in the network. 
  • Disallow other applications to access inSync content.
  • Trace a lost, misplaced, or a stolen. This adds an extra layer of security to devices and allows wiping data from inSync share and backup folders of the device.
  • Auto-delete content from the user device if it does not connect to the inSync Master for a stipulated period.
Note: You must have the license for the DLP add-on for inSync to perform any of the activities explained in this section. Contact for the license.