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Install inSync on Mac laptops

Describes how to install inSync Client on Mac laptops.


You can add the following lines of code to a text file and save it as inSyncConfig.ini. You do not need to use all parameters simultaneously. Use only the parameters that you need.

ADDRESS = '<IP address of inSync Server>:<Backup/sync port>'
TOKEN = '<mass deployment token>'
WPAD_URL= '<URL of PAC file>'
PROXY_TYPE= '<type of proxy used>'
PROXY_SERVER= '<IP address of proxy server>:<port number>'
USERSHAREHOME= '<new location of the inSync Share folder>'

For example

TOKEN = '33-bb0af8c55da3f9dd32e6ce6ad23e97b5d9951ae6fcf37ee062754ceabc76cf69'
PROXY_TYPE= 'socks5'

Now, use an automated installation tool to:

  1. Install inSync Client on Mac laptops.
  2. Copy the inSyncConfig.ini file to the /Library/Application Support/inSync folder of the Mac laptops.
Note: You must copy the inSyncConfig.ini file to the System Library of the Mac laptops. Ensure that the .ini file is in the folder before the inSync client is launched for the first time.
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