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Manage Profiles page

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About Manage Profiles page

This page lists all the profiles with their configuration settings in a tabular format.   

Profiles List

The following table describes the fields in the Profiles List area.
Field Description
Profile Name
The name of the profile.
# Users The number of users associated with the profile and the maximum number of users that can be associated with the profile. For example, 1/5 indicates that only 1 user is associated with the profile with which you can associate 5 users. 
# Devices
The number of devices belonging to the users associated with the profile.
Avg. Data Per User
The average data backed up for all users of a profile. 


Indicates if data loss protection (DLP) is activated for the profile.
Mobile Backup Indicates if mobile backup is enabled for a profile. If you set this field to "Optional", users can choose to backup data from their mobile devices after installing the inSync Mobile App.
Indicates if inSync Share is enabled for a profile.
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