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Alert Messages

inSync On-premise 5.4 Administrator Guide
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inSync Master displays an alert message to indicate an exception situation or to indicate completion of an activity. For example, detection of antivirus activity is an exception, while backup success is a completion of an activity. inSync sends alert messages only to its subscribers. You can configure inSync to send specific alert messages to specific administrators and users.

inSync Master displays alerts for a certain duration, depending on the nature and severity of the alert. inSync Master displays alert messages, such as low storage space alert or misconfigured backup folder alert until you resolve the issue.

The ‘alert’ processing happens every 10 minutes and once a new alert is generated, the same is used for future emails until it is resolved. New alerts for the same condition are not generated every time when the same situation is encountered. The original alert which was generated on the first instance is updated with new information and sent. A total of two emails are sent as per the notification interval guidelines mentioned below in case the alert is not resolved before that time (+/- 10 minutes time difference may be present).

Note: Timestamps that appear on the alert messages follow the inSync Master's time zone.

About inSync alert messages

The following table lists various inSync alert messages.

Alert Indicates that
Antivirus Activity Detected

You did not exclude some inSync storage folders from an antivirus scan.

Action required: Ensure that your antivirus software does not scan the Data folder, Database folder, and Database log folders.

Backup Success

inSync completed the backup successfully.

Checkpoint process is slow

Database checkpoint process for performance-optimized storages is slower than the rate at which inSync Master might not be able to handle new requests. If the checkpoint process slows down further, the inSync Master stops all ongoing backups or compaction. This issue occurs when you use any sub-optimal hardware for storage.

Action required:Contact if the problem persists.

Compaction Completed Compaction of a storage is complete. This alert is generated only once.
DLP Autodelete Warning

inSync will delete data from the backup and share folders of a device after one day.

Action required: Contact the inSync user who owns the device. Ask the user to start the backup from the device. If the user does not start the backup, inSync automatically deletes the data.

Initiating DLP Autodelete NOW inSync is about to start the auto-delete of data from a device.
License Expiry

The inSync Master license is about to expire.

Action required: Contact to renew the inSync Master license.

Low Database Storage Available

The data on a storage exceeded the threshold.

Action required:Start storage compaction. Delete older snapshots of data. Add data volume. Migrate some of the users to a different storage.
Low Free Space Available

The free space available on the disk that contains the database folder or the database log folder is less than the required disk space. The disk that contains the database folder must have 4 GB of free space. The disk that contains the database log folder must also have 4 GB of free space. If the database folder and database log folder are on the same disk, it should have 8 GB of free space.

Action required: Remove unnecessary files to free up the required space on the disk. 

Low User Storage Available

A user’s storage consumption is nearing the quota limit. For more information on user quota, see Assign user quota for data backup.

Action required: Increase user quota. Ask user to remove unnecessary files and folders. Use exclude path options to remove unnecessary folders from the backup.

Misconfigured Backup Folder

The administrator configured a backup folder that does not exist on a user device.

Action required: Contact the inSync user who owns the device and ask the user to create the required folder on the device.

Restore Check Failed The validation before starting a restore operation failed.
Restore Status The status of a restore activity.
Storage Error

The inSync Master could not read or write data to a storage.

Action required: View the log files to identify the issue with the storage and resolve it. Contact for assistance.

User Account License

The number of inSync usesr or inSync guest users have exceeded 80% of the licenses available. This alert is appears only if you have inSync Share license.

Action required: Contact to purchase additional user licenses. 

User Backup Inactivity

The user did not back up data from the user's device for a considerable period.

Action required: Contact the user and ask the user to start the backup from the user's device. Alternatively, start the backup of the user device from the inSyn inSync Master Management Console.

View active alerts

To view he list of alerts that inSync displays

  • On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click Reporting > Alerts

The list of all alerts appear under the Active Alerts tab. On the Manage Alerts page, use filters to view a specific type of alert. 

Update the subscriber list for an alert

To update the subscribers for an alert

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click Reporting > Alerts
  2. Click the Alert Subscriptions tab.
  3. Click the alert for which you want to update the subscribers, and then click Edit. The Edit Alert Notifications window appears.
  4. In the Admins to be notified box, click the administrators who must receive the alerts.
  5. If user action is required, select the Notify user check box.
  6. Click Save.
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